Marco Ford 2nd Dan BAB Coach Level 1

Shihonage technique being executed by Marco

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Dave Barber 2nd Dan BAB Coach Level 1

Yonkyo technique being applied by Dave

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Algy Cole 1st Dan, BAB Coach Level 1

I first met Aikido when the Army taught us basic moves for restraining rioters.  Some 30 years later, I heard about it again (literally), as Trafford Aikido Club practised their ukemi in St John's Church hall upstairs.  I decided to investigate.  Some 10 hugely enjoyable years later, in November 2015 I was awarded Shodan.  I have learnt much from Sensei Andrew Baird and all the other TAC coaches during this time, especially that strength and force is not as effective as blending and lightness of touch.  And I’m still learning.





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All Lancashire Aikikai instructors hold Coaching Qualifications of the national governing body the BAB

John Brooke 1st Dan, BAB Coach Level 1

I started aikido from 1983-1987 under Sensei Andrew Baird. Then I moved away and got involved with other things.

When I was living in Sheffield in 2004 I started aikido again at the Sheffield Hallam University Club which was nearby and I felt I needed to exercise more. I very quickly found that I still loved practising aikido under the teaching of Sensei Roger Grant and though considerably older I found that practice made me much more supple and the aikidoka were very friendly.

In 2007 I moved back to Manchester and found that my first teacher Andrew had a club in Altrincham, so I turned up one Sunday night and have just got more and more involved from then on.

I gained Shodan in November 2015 and I enjoy teaching but am very aware that there is so much more I have to learn myself. I am very grateful to all of the Sensei I have studied under and the aikidoka I have practised with. I think that the best attitude to have on the mat is that everyone has something to teach me and it is up to me to be open to this.

John Perry 1st Dan, BAB Coach Level 1

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