Class etiquette when on a seminar Mimuro Sensei


  • Arrive early. be smart. Be ready.
  • On a seminar do not fuss about being in correct grade order. Make the line as quickly and efficiently as you can.
  • Also in a class or seminar you can take a drink of water if you need one at any time (except, of course during instruction). However, do not drink or eat on the mat.
  • There is no need to ask Sensei’s permission to come onto (or leave) the mat. Just be discreet



  • Mimuro Sensei bows to the kamiza : “Shomen ni rei” - this may be “shinzen ni rei” if there is a shrine and to the group “Otegai ni rei” (Otagai = others).
  • He does not usually do a separate bow to dan grades.
  • If there is a shrine in the room, the bow will be different and will involve hand claps that we should all join in.
  • Sensei usually introduces his class with a few words about what he intends to do. Almost always he will say “Do not stop your opponent’s technique” and “Please be careful and enjoy”.



Mimuro Sensei in 2016