Mimuro Sensei Visit to UK 2017

Mimuro Sensei & Cathy will be arriving in the UK during next week and Sensei will be holding various courses and club visits around the London area, including Wimbledon on Sun 9th Jul. If anyone is travelling south during this period and would like further detail, please let Chris Wallace know.

The Mimuros will be arriving in Marple Sat 29th July and we shall be driving them over to the Wirral on Sunday 30th July, where Mimuro Sensei will be teaching at Sensei Ezra’s summer school. Note numbers will be restricted for this seminar so if you haven’t booked already then you are advised to act fast (especially grading candidates).

During the week preceding the Dan Grading (Sat 5th Aug) we are hoping that Mimuro Sensei can be persuaded to visit one or two LA Clubs. This will depend on the Mimuros itinerary. We need to be flexible with the arrangements but will let you know asap. The following Clubs are on standby:

  • Trafford
  • St Helens

As these Clubs both have DG candidates and are within reasonable travel distance from Marple, Mimuro will try to go to at least one of these. Marple & Bury will be held in reserve, if time and opportunity allows.

On the grading day, Sat 5th Aug (Marple), we have previously advised that spectator attendance may be restricted to high grades. However, Sensei is happy for LA members to attend. (Photos of event now added below) The grading will not be open to non-LA visitors.

If you haven’t done already can you please let your Club Leader know who is likely to view the grading, for them to tell ChrisW so we can make sure that enough chairs are put out.

Finally: AND VERY IMPORTANT It is only 5 weeks to the Marple Mimuro course – 6th Aug. Can you please urge all your members to pre-book NOW. Mimuro Sensei is our Technical Director and all LA members should make a special effort to attend.

This particularly applies to any prospective Dan Grades or existing DG’s looking to progress over the next few years. It is important that they are seen by Sensei at every available opportunity.

Chris Wallace (2nd Jul 2017)


Gradings on Saturday 5th August (Marple Dojo) will be in order 1st Dan to 3rd Total grading time is about 1 to 1.5 hours. There is time for a 30-minute practice before hand. So start 14:30.

  • 1st Dan will take about 30 minutes. 1st Dan will uke for each other. 4-candidates - so 2-pairs.
  • 2nd Dan will take about 15 minutes. 2nd Dan will grade at the same time but in 2 separate groups - each one will be allocated 2 First or Second dan ukes.
  • 3rd Dan will take about 20 minutes. 3rd Dan will have 3 dan grade ukes

Note 5th Dans should arrive at 2:00 - Sensei can slect test panel and answer any queries



Mimuro Sensei in 2016


Happy looking candidates who were just successfull in their Dan Gradings 5Aug17
Course photo 5Aug17