How to stay up to date


The local club you joined will have their own way of commuicating with you locally. If they have a Twitter or Facebook account this will be shown on your Club's pages under social media. Click on your Club's name when you get to "Where to find us"

The Aikikai has some ways of you staying in touch with association news and events:-

  1. A monthly eNews - by us using email - see the subscribe form on this page.
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook -
  4. Our online Calendar - for courses and events which can be added to your own calendar on your mobile/tablet
  5. By using this website

To see our Twitter and Facebook feeds go to our social media page - on the public side of the site.


Online Calendar

We use Google calendars (Example) there are two feeds to subscribe to. One for main Aikikai events and another for Club events that are open to others

Full details - launch a fresh browser window.

XML or iCal versions or just a web page - link details given

Aikido throw



The Monthly eNews update is intended for members. Non-members can instead pick up most items from the website or from our Twitter feed.

Generally issued as an email once a month eNews - gives details of courses, news and the such like and also contains links to this site where further details can be obtained.

The distribution list is maintained using "mailchimp" and the monthly email does not disclose your address to others or nor is passed on to others other than in accordance with our Data Handling policy.

The information in your profile will decide on occassions whether you will get an email some as only to Dan Grades or particular Clubs. So is important to keep up to date

You can sign up using this page. You may leave the list at any time using the link below.

Email addresses from new members are added to this list from membership application forms but there is some delay - to avoid this delay use the form to the left.

The list information is reviewed/moderated for correction of data that is wrong - you may also update your profile on "mailchimp" and change email format for emails you receive.

Subscribers using email addresses such as chair@ or info@ are role specific and aren't allowed

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If your email system or yourself ever identifies a email from us as spam then Mailchimp will unsubscribe you automatically. If you find you are missing emails come back here and re-subscribe.