Coaching Information


In addition to the Coaching page this is an information page for Coaches - and will be added to at coach's suggestions.

BAB Coaching & Club Handbook provide good practise suggestions which should be followed.


Weapons Guidance for coaches

All weapons should be blunt, and the minimum space recommendation for pairs training with weapons is 5 square metres per practitioner.

The use of weapons requires special consideration in respect of students’ safety:

  • Weapons instruction should only be given within the procedures shown in the Insurance guidelines.
  • Ensure students know how to check their own equipment and its safe use.
  • Weapons and any related equipment should be checked prior to the class.
  • The student’s gi should be worn correctly to ensure that no item of the gi can tangle or interfere with the use of the weapon.
  • The Dojo floor should be clean and present no tripping hazards.
  • The Dojo should be large enough for the number of students and the activity. This may be obvious to the front of the students but can be overlooked in the area behind the student.
  • The Coach should ensure that the students always practise what is being taught, and should not permit any deviation during the training session.

BAB Weapons Protocols are covered on the following page Member's Area Home / Weapons.