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The constitution deals with the structure that the Association is organised in a traditional hierarchal structure common to other martial arts & the Principal is the Head of the Association who is appointed by succession. Technical matters concerning Aikido and it’s teaching are the responsibility of Aikikai Dan Grades within this same structure.

The Executive and people appointed either by an Aikikai meeting or the Executive underpin an Admin support function. Coordination Groups referenced on this page are the same as Working parties.



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Group: Aikido Management Group(Aikido)

Membership: 3rd, 4th and 5th Dans of the Lancashire Aikikai

Role: As outlined in the Aikikai Constitution

Group: Grading Review Group (Formerly Dan Grade Review Group)

Membership: Bob Spence (Lead) {Principal of Lancashire Aikikai)
                       AndrewB (Trafford)
                       GrahamH (Bury)

Purpose and Role: to support the grading process and standards within the Lancashire Aikikai. Particularly with those who are approaching 1st Kyu and higher by ensuring standards are met before any grading.

How will we do that: work with Club Leaders on standards. Observe their future grading candidates for 1st Kyu and higher to provide feedback on improvements needed prior to any grading.

Background to formal scope

Grades 6th Kyu to 2nd Kyu are usually graded in club by 2nd Dans or higher.

Gradings for 1st Kyu will be usually graded on a Lancashire Aikikai Course by a panel appointed for that purpose by this Group.

The Group Lead will advise the Lancashire Aikikai Hombu Officer once a candidate is approved for a Dan Grading of being a suitable standard and ready to be put forward to our Technical Director for grading. Our Technical Director in consultation with the Lancashire Aikikai Principal will appoint a panel to conduct a grading.

The intention is that Gradings can be watched by members to see what standards and proficiency they need to aim for.

Develop Dan Grades to grade through mentoring, moderation, pairing, panel experience and dealing with standards on HG courses as necessary.

Early identification: we are reliant on Club Leaders identifying 2nd Kyu's approaching 1st Kyu to so they can be observed on courses and may if appropriate invited to Dan Grade and 1st Kyu courses. Club Leaders to also flag early to the Grading Group where a candidate is considering working towards a dan grading.

Contact all the Group's members by email:

grading review group email

Group: Course Review Group (Aikido)

Membership: GrahamH (Lead) {Bury)
                       ChristineS (Marple)
                       DaveR (St Helens)
                       RayM (Mon)
                       DaveB (Trafford)

Purpose and Role:Looking at future courses; how many, duration, location, style and content.

Contact us by email;

Course review email

Group: Looking Inward Group

Membership: Wayne (Lead) (Bury)
                       JohnB (Trafford)
                       MarkL (St Helens)
                       HephziY (Trafford)

Purpose and Role:Improve communication and liaison between clubs, joint practices and social events etc.

Inward Group email

Group: Looking outward Group

Membership: KelvinR (Lead) (Bury)
                       AlgyC (Trafford)
                       AndyM (Preston)
                       KimV (Bury)
                       MangoB (Marple)

Purpose and Role: Association & Club marketing, demos and liaison with outside organisations etc


Outward Group email

Group: Media Group; Key Task Holders; Executive

Media Group :- See "Other Officers" as collection of existing posts namely Website, Social Media covering Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram and the Newsletter Editor. Multi media, IT and Marketing support is included in this group

The Media group can be collectively contacted by sending one email to

Media Group email


Key Task Holders :- See "Other Officers"as collection of existing posts



Details of contacts at Clubs - see Club pages under "Where to find us".

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