Fees in Aikikai Aikido Dulwich

We offer two plans:
Silver - £25 per month for one session in the week

Gold - £40 per month for both sessions in the week

Includes annual membership fees of the Lancashire Aikikai

Come prepared click here for an application form. It would help us if you complete it before you come.

If you are under 18 your parent/carer needs to complete and there is an additional form to complete as well


Lancashire Aikikai membership

Temporary / Trial membership is given in the club's beginner's offer.

Trial membership expires after 4 weeks.

After this period you will need to become a full member of the Lancashire Aikikai so that your membership of the British Aikido Board with its member benefit of insurance cover is maintained. The Silver and gold plans include this membership fee

After joining you will be given a Lancashire Aikikai membership book and a handbook that is a valuable resource for names of attacks and techniques and also grading requirements.




Photos of club in action