Executive meetings 2010


January 2010

Clarification regarding "Assist only" Instructors Jan-10
The BAB has a category of Instructor - "Assist only" who holds Coaching Award Level 1 or higher who will not be taking classes without supervision and is prepared to offer free Instructor insurance on application. Our Principal has clarified that there is no First Aid requirement unlike the position regarding Instructors who take classes. "Assist only" - no longer available - so this decision overtaken by events

Clarification regarding when membership is valid from in a renewal situation Jan- 10
The Executive has issued advice to the membership secretary in the following manner, which effectively confirms and clarifies existing practice:
“Membership is valid till the 25th January of the following year by which time renewal must have taken place. Membership is effective by the payment of renewal money paid to a Aikikai Club and the handing over of any supporting material required (if any). Similarly new members are in membership of the Aikikai from when membership fees are accepted by an Aikikai Club. Clubs should process any membership money or other requirements such as photographs without delay to validate the fees accepted.”


On 24th January 2010 - Club Leaders met with the Principal, Mr Spence and the Executive and a number of matters were clarified or decided. This page provides links to these changes that have been incorporated into the website. As time changes the links have changed and have been discontinued these are marked

1. Professional dealing / handling / compliance:
Extended scope of CRB checks; and that of Permissions to all Coaches; Assist only Coaches and Helpers both on and off the mat.. (Shortly it becomes an criminal offence not to have a recruitment process including voluntary bodies amoungst the changes with the introduction of the Independant Safeguarding Authority - this is the Aikikai's response to this change.) Mr Spence has set end of June 2010 for members who need permission to have it. Because of time lags in the process early application is needed. Click here to follow the steps to apply BAB guidance has changed - so scope is now more restricted.

2. Technical:
reminder and confirming how gradings will be conducted

3. Development:
Pathway to be an Aikikai Instructor         Policy declaration
CPD for Coaches and Assistants          See an updated Coaching page also the Coaching home page

4. Association stuff:
Executive advice               
Updated Procedures Manual for Concession / Clarifying membership at renewal / Fees.

On 29th November 2010 the AGM approved various changes - here are the links to the updated documents:

1. New Constitution Current document Click here

2. New Child Protection policy added and all other Child Protection pages updated. Particularly draw attention to the "How to get help" page (revised Click here)

3. Members and those practising should take note of "Responsibility for all" including Job descriptions for roles in the Aikikai and Clubs detailing accountability, responsibilities and duties as laid out

4. Membership Procedures Feb11 been updated to include Induction for those under 18 and the required information they need. Other minor changes made. Form 6 in the former revoked Aikikai Child Protection policy is now form CP-1 This form CP-1 is completed at the same time as the normal application form APP1 by the parent or guardian of anyone under 18. See new page

5. Data Protection - work is ongoing but all involved with records should note the work done to date.