Executive meetings 2011 and 2012


Data Handling Feb -11
Following the draft published and circulated at the AGM last year - the final version was approved and published. (2018 Superceded)

Membership, Insurance and Grading records Officer Aug-11
The Executive appointed Sam Wilson to replace Phil Purcell.

Display banner made avilable for Clubs to assist promotion

Executive meeting Wednesday 16th November 2011 It reviewed matters within its remit and decided the following or actions to be taken.

Permissions - a BAB clarification/change means that CRB checks will now be fewer in number. We will follow this change. It will mean Dan Grades who take classes regularly which might have anyone under 18 will be checked - others won’t Form CP2 and the webpages will be updated shortly as a consequence.

A check of club pages to ensure the Aikikai’s web page for their club correctly states the age Aikidoka are taken from and is mirrored on their BAB website entry.

Dan Grade courses and CPD sessions - decided to move from a requirement of one normally expecting attendance of 4 in two years to 2 courses/sessions in two years.

Membership New clubs - reaffirmed financial support for up to 6 months to assist set up.

Invite AGM to consider if a Media/Publicity officer should be appointed.

Reaffirmation of paying for CRB checks.

It was decided Safe Guarding courses where required by the BAB would be funded in full - i.e. CWOs.

For coaching courses required for a BAB coaching award reimbursement of 25% would be made.

Aikikai handbooks will now be distributed by Clubs and so will hold stock.


Dan Grade Meeting - January 2012 and Executive March 2012

Coaches / Assistants - requirement for Assistants - confirmed did not require crb check as not a supervisory capacity. Clarified how we protray to the public - those with Permission to Teach ie could take classes unsupervised would be listed at their Club on both the BAB website and our own site. Assistants would not be listed on the BAB website as there was no way of distinguishing the difference but would be on our Club pages. Club websites should similarly show the distinction between instructors and those who assist.

The job description as a consequence have been amended for Assistants.

The opportunity has been taken to tidy up and make clearer the contents of the Pathway to Teach page Built into new coaching page

The CPD page for Instructors has also been freshened and the requirements updated. The Observation sheet to be used in monitored classes Instructors/Coaches when CPD feedback to be provided has been placed on the page. Built into new coaching page