Executive meetings 2013 and 2014


Executive November 2013

Present Bob Spence – Chairman; Keith Downs -Treasurer; Andrew Baird -Secretary

1. Finance. Keith outlined the financial position – that he would be reporting to the AGM. He recommended increasing the scope of financial support to BAB Coaching courses CL1, CL2 and CL3 regarding travel mileage that could be claimed. Accepted.

2. Clubs, Permissions, Club Welfare Officers and their operation were discussed. Certain gaps identified as actions.

3. BAB Audit – we had recently undertaken answering a paper audit that showed some gaps that needed remedying and others we did not accept as needed. As an association we answered in general terms for clubs. Actions identified.

4. Discussions regarding future of BAB checking compliance – we felt inevitable consequence. The Aikikai and its clubs are bound to follow requirements, policy, best practise of the governing body. Executive considered existing Club checklist needs updating in light of the BAB audit and other recent requirements . For clubs to check their compliance with. Examples discussed were current Dojo risk assessments – up to date details of next of kin and health information.

5. Tax – Clubs and the Aikikai. Andrew was producing with Ian Cherry an advisory note.

6. Dates for course for 2014 were decided subject to bookings.

7. Publicity – Uptake of the Trifold leaflet (Flyer to attract newcomers pre-printed with one panel blank for clubs to add their details) now printed for club publicity has been poor. Ask Keith for supplies.

8. Aikikai database and laptop – updating our IT to be considered. Viewed now as getting old in IT terms of over 5 years old. Added.

9. The matter of who was a Aikikai member was considered by the Executive – the categories covered in “Lancashire Aikikai Membership & Insurance Application Procedure” v1.9e are members being those described as Temporary and Full. A one off taster session run for others would thus be covered as prospective students on their trial period.


Executive November 2014

  1. Review of last years meeting – the tax position of clubs had been highlighted in a advisory note circulated to club leaders.
  2. Vacancies the posts of Child Protection Officer and Membership were becoming vacant at the AGM.  The Executive was appreciative of the work done by Wendy Wallace as CPO and Sam Wilson for Membership.  So far no one had volunteered despite trawling in the eNews and Mr Spence emailing Club Leaders.   It would be mentioned in the next eNews.  Failing that the AGM itself.
  3. The issue of the old laptop and database identified last year was deferred till the new officer was in place.
  4. The Executive confirmed the Treasurer’s view that the fees could remain at their current level.
  5. Clubs, Permissions, trained Club Welfare Officers and how club operate were discussed. Certain gaps identified.  CPD for DG reminder  minimum 1 DG course in 2 years and 1 general course per year that seems to have been complied with.  A checklist of best practise had been complete to assist administration.  To be discussed with Club Leaders in 2015
  6. Grading fees should be paid by clubs to the Aikikai.
  7. Mr Spence had decided 2015 courses would follow broadly the pattern in 2014:-  general courses in February, June, September and November; DG courses in April and Oct; Weapons in May & October.   Ribby dates in March were already published.  Dan grading in June and November – a point raised in the AGM of holding a grading in Ribby was considered but not adopted.