Executive meetings 2022


Executive 26th March 2022

Further to the AGM in February 2022, the previous LA Executive and Aikido Management Group (AMG) have been disbanded and the new Executive Management Board (EMB) is now formed, and comprises all Club Leaders.

EMB Management Team was formed of Graham Harrison (Chair), Christine Shepherd and Mark Lunt.

WhatsApp Group to be set up of EMB members. The Management Team would coordinate issue of documents and voting by email. Secretary (Chris Wallace) would use MailChimp to tell / inform LA Members.

Any item to be voted on would be issued by the Management Team by email. Simple majority voting with quorum of 50% of Clubs voting. One club one vote.

Meetings arranged as & when required. Quarterly meetings to be set up to be cancelled if nothing to discuss.

Items then covered:-

  • Mimuro Sensei Course / Hombu gradings
  • Permission to Teach - Instructors to check. eview of procedure / forms
  • Data Protection Coordinator post vacant - Ian Cherry volunteered
  • Handbook update