Lancashire Aikikai Executive

Bob Spence - Chairman



Has been the Head of Association from 1998 and awarded his first black belt in 1971 by Chiba Sensei. He is widely known through the work he has done with the BAB. Read further about him

Ian Cherry - Treasurer

Club Leader of the Preston Club

Chris Wallace - Secretary

Is also the Club Leader of the Marple Club.

The constitution empowers the Exective to adminster the Aikikai and governs how they are elected.

The Association is organised in a traditional hierarchal structure common to other martial arts & the Principal is the Head of the Association who is appointed by succession. Technical matters concerning Aikido and its teaching are the responsibility of Aikikai Dan Grades within this same structure. The constitution does not alter that structure however the Principal will normally be the Chairman.

An Executive consisting of Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer will be appointed.

The Executive will run the Aikikai in accordance with its stated aims and objectives, its policies and the members’ mandates passed at a meeting.

Downs Sensei

The Executive:-

  1. may conduct its business as it sees fit - remotely by its 3 members agreeing – but shall meet formally if warranted in which case the quorum is two.

  2. The Executive or its Chairman may if an emergency situation arises and it is considered/deemed in the best interest of the Aikikai make a decision outside its normal operating powers – which will be reported to the next meeting of the Aikikai. This would include temporary powers of co-option in the event of a vacancy occurring on the Executive - before a AGM when the normal appointment procedure would apply.

  3. The Executive would normally consult with officers, committees or working parties for their recommendations or views when their specific areas of responsibilities which would be affected by an Executive decision or recommendation; and similarly the converse would apply with access rights to the Executive.

  4. Will make a proposal regarding membership fees to be set at every AGM

Cherry Sensei