Fees in Trafford Aikido

We are offering three free taster sessions. Contact us for application forms

Club Training Fees currently £16 per month subject to review

For students and unemployed £12


For the time being participants need to be 18+ yrs, fully vaccinated and have had a negative lateral flow test before attending a class. Other precautions will be taken


Lancashire Aikikai membership

Membership for 2022 will be £12 plus BAB Registration fee of £7. Totals £19

Unemployed, those in full time education and those under 18 years are granted a concession half the normal fee. which is £6. There is no reduction to the BAB fee. So totals £13

The membership fee is apportioned to the months left in the calandar year i.e. £1 (or 50p) per month.

Temporary / Trial membership is given in the club's beginner's offer after this is completed membership and BAB fees become due in order to practise further.

After joining you will be given a Lancashire Aikikai membership book and a handbook that is a valuable resource for names of attacks and techniques and also grading requirements.




Sankyo technique


Aikido move - 1st principle


Aikido move - 1st principle