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As in other martial arts, we have a grading system. This is detailed in the Technical area of the website with the syllabus and other material.Please note: The syllabus in the members handbook has been superseded

Following a syllabus allows you to have recognition that you are progressing and learning.

The first grade you will take, 6th kyu, is validated by Lancashire Aikikai. All the following grades, from 5th kyu to Dan grade level are awarded jointly by Lancashire Aikikai and the Aikikai Headquarters (Hombu Dojo, Tokyo).

All Kyu grades wear white belts till Dan grade. (Re Hakama see FAQ)

Kyu gradings are usually held at the club where you practise. Your club leader will decide with you when you should take your test after you meet the requirements of the syllabus.There is a grading fee that is passed to the Aikikai or Hombu/Aikido HQ. There are no retake fees if you don't make the required standard.

All students taking Kyu gradings receive a Grading feedback sheet and also a certificate if successful. The Feedback sheet is split into 10 different aspects that will help you improve any weaknesses.


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Grading Requirements

The syllabus gives minimum lengths of practice time for each grade. Students usually take longer than this minimum and many do. See our Technical Menu and the drop down.

Grading Guidance - April 2014
Following a discussion with the Aikikai's senior Dan Grades regarding gradings - Mr Spence explained on the recent Dan Grade course... "I want to make it clear that anyone presenting themselves for a grading needs to know and demonstrate any items required from the syllabus for the grade being tested for. If they cannot then they will not achieve the grade.
Club Leaders should ensure no one is presented for a grading without knowing the required moves.

Hombu Cards – These need to be kept safe, as they need to be sent back with every grade submission. Plastic cards, with a bar code, were introduced at start of 2017, no longer need to be sent back

The necessary Hombu forms for grades 5th Kyu and above can be found on our page "Links with Japan"

The full Grading process is covered in our Technical section.


Senior Grading Fees

Taking the following grade:-

6th Kyu


£1.50 Concession

5th Kyu and higher (Seniors) Hombu Grading.

(Yokohama/Hombu Membership fees needed - single lifetime payment.)

Grading fee determined by Hombu and the Exchange rate

See the Grading page under Technical - 6. Grading Admin

Concessions are Students, retired and unwaged seniors

Lancashire Aikikai Junior Grading fee

6th Kyu (Juniors) £1.50
5th and 4th Kyu (Juniors) £1.50
3rd and 2nd Kyu (Juniors) £2
1st Kyu (Juniors) £2.50

Grading results of who has been graded are passed to the Membership Officer and the Newsletter editor.

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