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The Lancashire Aikikai's Shihan and Technical Director of Aikido is Atsushi Mimuro 7th Dan (Aikido Foundation).

He is the Director of The Yokohama International Aikido Club (est 1997). He trained for more than 20 years under the late Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan.

Mimuro Sensei has been practising Aikido for over 42 years including a period in Tahiti (1991 to 1993). He has been teaching aikido more widely overseas since 2008.

He has been associated with the Lancashire Aikikai through seminars hosted by our Marple Club since 2009. In 2015 he became our Techinal Director

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Mimuro Sensei


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Mimuro Sensei



Mimuro Sensei


Mimuro Sensei in action


Other Aikido organisations under the technical direction of Mimuro Sensei:-

Aikikai Aikido London

Mimuro Sensei applying a technique