Lancashire Aikikai - Key Task Holders

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Role: Representative at BAB meetings

Officer: Sue Baird

Attends BAB meetings - point of contact for matters coming from or going to the national governing body - British Aikido Board.

BAB Rep Email

Role: Child Protection Officer

Officer: Istvan Koloh

Child Protections issues - training, reporting and DBS checks. Ensures BAB and Aikikai policies are applied. Read also our further pages on this website.

See "Who we are" for Club's Welfare Officer who would be the point of contact to raise concerns with

Email Child Protection Officer

Role: Coaching Liaison Officer

Officer: Sue Baird

The first point of contact for Coaching within the Association. Read also the Coaching pages.

Role: Data Protection Coordinator

Officer: Ian Cherry

Ensures Clubs and the Lancashire Aikikai follow Data Protection practise and principles. See our Data Protection page.

Data Protection email

Role: Insurance Officer

Officer: Ian Cherry

Issues BAB blue certificates of insurance for both students and teachers to Clubs and provides returns to the BAB. Is the point of contact for the BAB in these matters.

Insurance Officer email

Role: Membership Secretary

Officer: Ian Cherry

Maintains records of members. Tied in with Insurance Officer role.

Role: Hombu Representative

Officer: Chris Austin

Acts as liaison between Mimuro Sensei our Technical Director and the Lancashire Aikikai.

Particular in handling application forms for Hombu and Yokohama International Aikido Club membership forms and Hombu grading forms completed by Clubs. Forms are submitted in April and October to him for forward transmission to Mimuro Sensei. The forms should be used from this site and completed by typing in the information and printing off, signed and then scanned and sent to him.

Sends to Club Leaders the certificates, books and membership cards when received back.

Oversees Mimuro Sensei visits and courses.

Hombu Liaison matters

Role:Grading Records

Officer: Ian Cherry

Maintains records of grading within the Association. Clubs provide details of gradings to him. The Hombu Representive maintains these records as well

Grading Records Email

Role: Newsletter Editor

Officer: John Brooke

Publishes the Aikikai's Newsletter.

He is supported by Clubs to do this - see page

Newsletter Editor

John is the Lead for the Media Group covering the other Task Holders :- Social Media Coordinator, Webmaster and his Newsletter Editor role

Role: Designer

Officer: Caley Griffin

Designs posters for courses.

Role: Social Media Coordinator

Officer: Irene MartinAlvarez

Use Lancashire Aikikai accounts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and such like to promote, regularly Aikido, the Aikikai and our events and other news

13. Treasurer (Essential Key Task holder)

Role: Treasurer

Officer: Ian Cherry

Cherry Sensei

The Constitution and Management Procedures require:-

  • the post holder is at least the grade of Shodan and have the required experience for the post.
  • The post is classed as an Essential Key Task Holder.
  • The Aikikai Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Aikikai.
  • All Aikikai monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the Aikikai.
  • The financial year of the Aikikai will end annually on 31st October.
  • The Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting will present a statement of annual accounts and will support the Chair.
  • May be requested to attend EMB meetings depending on the Agenda.

As a note no member or Club shall incur debts on behalf of the Aikikai without authorisation.

14. Secretary (Essential Key Task holder)

Role: Secretary

Officer: Chris Wallace

Role:The Constitution and Management Procedures require:-

  • the post holder is at least the grade of Shodan and have the required experience for the post.
  • the post is classed as an Essential Key Task Holder
  • Members may submit items to be discussed at a AGM to the Secretary. (Includes motions of no confidence) {Time limits apply}
  • the post holder will receive appeals regarding disciplinary matters.
  • At AGMs the Chair will be supported by the Secretary including being responsibly for the minutes.
  • May be requested to attend EMB meetings depending on the Agenda.


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