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This landing page and its links are for members who have joined the Lancashire Aikikai. If you are consider joining us to do Aikido then the following pages are for you :- What, Where & To start.

The purpose of the members' pages is to provide more information for you about us and how we are structured and to provide answers to question you might have.

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Aikido is a Martial Art
The Traditional form we study is non-competitive and seeks to manage incoming attacks by blending with the attacker's force and then controlling it through circular movements.

Where in the North West

Clubs also in Torquay and Wexford (Ireland)



Event Calendar (For detail of events click here)
Purple text indicates Aikikai event and blue text is another organiser such as a Club.



Aikido Throw

Lancashire Aikikai is a corporate member of Japan Society North West

Spence Sensei

Those intending to teach unsupervised in Aikikai Clubs need permission.