Recent updates to website

Nov 2022 Hombu fees for next 6 months. Hombu Membership Rep now Chris Austin Item 9

Oct 2022 St Helens now on a Tuesday. What 3 words added to the relevalent club pages

Sep 2022 Details of Altrincham General Aikido course on 20th November is announced

Aug 2022 Dates and details added to Calendarfor Bury's Beach Practise and General Course at Marple.

July 2022 BAB National course - 10th Sept

June 2022 Executive meeting held 26th March 2022; Various pages under "Who we are" and "How we Work" to reflect new structure.

Urgent update re 26th June course. Dulwich club now closed

May 2022 Updated both course details

April 2022 Updated grading fees at Item 7

Mimuro Sensei course annouced 26th June. High Grade course 15th May Details

Feb 2022 Approved at AGM new constitution

AGM 26th February 2022. For members only. Zoom invitations issued. Not got yours? contact the Secretary

Newsletter No 44 published - added to Member's area

Nov 2021 LA Membership Fees annouced for 2022 & 2023. See Page 1 of Procedures Manual in Membership and Insurance

Oct 2021: 10th Oct Autumn course & 17th Oct First Aid course.

Apr 2021: Added Return to the Dojo as new page. Made various Covid changes as alerts. Particularly on Home page

Updating of links where broken becuse site address has changed. Please report any that remain broken

Mar 2021: Guidance on the weapons part of grading syllbus on what "equivalent" means 1. Grading Syllabus…………. has a new section added below the existing Weapons content
4. 1st Kyu Gradings ………… this is a new section – drawing on existing material and adding Guidance regarding.

Feb 2021: Guidance and Guidelines to those testing for Dan Grade (Link on Grading Page Item 4 Dan Grading); clarification for some terms see page 2 translation document. (Further work will done when the material for the new Handbook is available)

Jan 2021: Permission to Teach expiry dates extended and First Aid course that was to be organised for March has been postponed.

Change of Child Protection Officer to Istvan Koloh

Nov 2020: Calling Notice for AGM on 22nd Nov; AGM video add to 2020 AGM page AGM minutes also added

Aug 2020: Support main page added

Istvan Koloh CPO designate after AGM in Nov20

July 2020: Zoom course - Weapon as Partner Sat 18 July 1400 – 1530. Click here for details.

Jun 20: Safeguarding policy addendum added for the guidance of its officers, members and new students concerning its further objectives regarding safeguarding can be found here.

Lancashire Aikikai Member's who hold Aikido grades from other Associations. Read here recent paper approved by AMG June 2020

May 20: May's Newsletter added to the Members Area

Safeguarding - Vulnerable adult policy highlighted

Apr 20: Added 2019 and 2020 videos of our Embukai

Inward Group people changed

Mar 20: Added alerts that Clubs are likely to be closed in line with coronavirus advice of no non-essential contact.

Feb 20: Ribby - Session times and course fees for 2020. (poster added 29Feb)

Ribby - Saturday course meal Menu added to site. Preordering needed

Jan 20: Preston course theme announced and poster released

Tax guidance for clubs published 2013 confirmed as still appropriate 2020. HMRC link.

Tax Guidance for Club leaders - password required

Dec19: Child Protection page - links to BAB website revised

Preston & Ribby course dates added

Nov19: Dulwich is now a full members of the Lancashire Aikikai

AGM details for 24th Nov Agenda and reports. Password free link circulaed to members by the Secretary. Posted in Member's area - password required.

Terms of Reference for the Course Planning Group added.

Grading costs due to currency changes posted in Grading Admin (pdf)

Oct 19: 24th Nov Altrincham course poster added - details of Trafford's club meal and course theme announced

2nd Nov HG Course confirmed as 12.30 - 16.30 12.00 for registration and laying mats

Sept19: Marple's September course - poster and details added

Date of a Members only course for 2nd Kyu and above announced 2nd November

Early details of the November Altrincham course announced

Newsletter 40 - September 2019 issued see Members Resource section

Details of Sankaku Aikido Club opening in Didsbury from 1st Oct

Jul19: Marple September's course added - note revised date to 21st September

Jun 19: Support to open a new club added

May19: Grading costs due to currency changes posted in Grading Admin

Details of Mon course added


St Helens Club hosting Visiting Sensei - Phil Smith Shihan (UKA) 7th Dan 10th April

Ribby course photo and video of demo links added to History page (Password needed) Video link click here


Ribby course details published. - Course poster .

Phil Smith Visiting Sensei St Helens 10th April - provisional


Preston course details published

Email addresses to Coordination Groups published


Collective email to members of the Grading Review Group added


AGM minutes added. (Access password needed)

Collective email to members of the Media Group added.

Grading Review Group - change name and terms of reference

Website changed to reflect Secretary's report that Hombu fees are reconverted once a year in May.

AGM is Sunday 25th November at Altrincham Leisure Centre after the course. Agenda. Lancashire Aikikai members can also download the AGM and all the reports associated with the AGM. (Members will need the access password if you don't have this ask your Club Leader) . Past minutes for members - click here

Oct 18: Link to Instagram Account @lancashire_aikikai added to site.

Mon Club obituary for Keith Downs

Sept 18: The Lancashire Aikikai's Privacy Notice has been published.

Policy change - 1st Kyu gradings will now be conducted on Aikikai courses. Clubs grade locally now upto 2nd Kyu

Aug18: Preston course date annouced for 2019 - 10th Feb

New page covering Coordination Goups - Officers involved with Social Media updated

Jul 18: Marple course 14th Sept - details of theme, revised times added

Jun18: Data Protection Officer now called Data Protection Coordinator

Updated clarification over Hombu fee and changes to timetable and when forms and moneies submitted

May18: Ribby weekend course dates announced; Details for Japan Day 3rd June added to Calendar page

Updated application form - now on site

Apr18: Mon Aikido Course 10th June - is now a Memorial Course for Keth Downs. Marple Evening course - details for 14th Sept now added.

New Data Protection page created in preparation for NGB advice

Executive appoint Ian Cherry to treasurer role.

Explanation of what grading certificates mean - added to Item 7

Updated Hombu Fees inline with Exchange Rate Item 6

Mar18: the Principal of the Lancashire Aikikai announced on 14th March...... "We are very sorry to announce that Keith Downs, 5th Dan and Chief Instructor of the Lancashire Aikikai, passed away last night in Hospital following multiple strokes.
Our thoughts are with his wife Laura and his family at this sad time."

Ribby Club Demonstrations Video added


New Secretary of Lancashire Aikikai - Chris Wallace

Anglesey course 10th June 2018

Ribby course menu - menu choices and numbers by 24th February

Marple Aikido are hosting a Lancashire Aikikai evening course on Friday 14th September at their dojo for their 10th anniversary

David Jones has taken on role of Data Protection Officer


Ribby Course details 2-4th March 2018 (Course poster)

Altrincham course & AGM 25th November 2018

AGM Minutes Nov17 - Members need usual password

Bury Club now takes only 18+

Preston Club has cancelled its Wednesday class

Ribby - Saturday course meal 18:30. Numbers needed


Preston course details 11th Feb 18


Stockport Club leaves the Lancashire Aikikai - web pages adjusted

AGM to run after Stockport course (Sunday 26th Nov). Bundle of papers handed out in meeting agenda, minutes 2016 and written reports added to members's area.


Updated Hombu fees added. (pdf)

How members stay up to date page has been updated to mirror how the Aikikai currently communicates. Social Media page moved to the Member's area.

Permission to Teach list of instructors shows those currently approved - it previously included those who had expired


Stockport course and AGM 26th November 2017

Ribby Hall dates set 2nd to 4th March 2018

First Aid course 18th November by Ian Cherry - venue Preston. Expressions of interest to Ian ASAP


Read How Mimuro Sensei - started Aikido

Course & Grading photo from 5th Aug 17 - published also on Facebook

Child Protection - DBS Checks page - new links added for BAB guidance on what a regulated activity is and DBS checks needed. CPO's flowchart regarding DBS applications added as well.


Member's Aikikai Newsletter published

Mimuro course guidance added to site; Dan Grading details added to 4. Dan Grading; Course meal now buffet (Numbers needed by Friday 28th July)

Hombu fees updated as at July. See 6. Grading Admin

Details about Mimuro Sensei visit to the UK (updated 22ndJul)


Evening course meal - Mimuro 6th Aug (Now superceded)

Trafford Aikido have new weekday class nights


Evening course details Friday 9th June at Marple

Ribby 2017 - Video of course. Clips of instructors coaching

Membership and Insurance Taster Insurance and other recent clarification by the BAB


Mimuro Sensei course details for 6th August added.

Revised Hombu application forms, clear guidance and example of completed forms now added to Grading page.

Fees for Hombu April 17 - See 6. Grading Admin


Ribby Evening meal details added. Book your seat by 17th Feb

Ray Munns is the new Child Protection Officer for the Aikikai


Altrincham course details added for 17th September 2017

Ribby course details added to site - Poster


Added Executive annoucement re Dan Grade catch up subsidy.

Added Hombu Yen base prices to Grading Admin Section 6 including subsidy details for 5th Kyu

Mimuro's Sensei's Facebook added to Our Technical Director's page and our Social Media page

Updated Calendar page with confirmed courses where details known and showing other courses where detail not yet settled.

Preston course confirmed 29th Jan

Minor Revision to Grading page inline with briefing from Hombu Rep


Added AGM agenda and reports. (Restricted members area) Your Club Leader has the access details


Revision to Grading pages and the Senior Syllabus (Weapons requirements) following a 4th and 5th Dan Meeting. Revision to Grading page for students to mirror - main page


Updates awaited

Course fees for Concessions? - Standard fee revised to £10.

Membership fee revised to £30 and Concession £18. Await pro rota figures and update to Procedures manual and costs link for every club..

Fee for 3 month temporay membership for non BAB registered visitors.

AGM - Financial Support announced additional support to CWO. Await review of the supporting document and web page.

Course Checklist general update

Club Checklist general update