Lancashire Aikikai - Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

The DBS check used to be called the CRB check.

In the Aikikai DBS checks will commonly be used for Coaches and Club Welfare Officers but other may be involved where it is gauged that they undertake regular supervisory conduct with those under 18years of age.

BAB guidance on what a "Regulated Activity" is has been published in addition to original guidance and who therefore needs a DBS check. A flow chart regarding DBS application process has been published by the CPO.

Applying for a DBS Check

1.  Forms
This is now being done now online. Your Club's Welfare Officer (CWO) will forward your name and email address to the Lancashire Aikikai Child Protection Officer (CPO) who will register you with GBG Online Disclosures system. You will then get a email detailing how to access the online system and complete your application.

2.  Completing Forms.

GB Group are the umbrella body used by the BAB to process applications. Guidance notes are provided by GB Group the links downloads pdfs :-

GBG Online Disclosures - contact them 0845 251 5000

3.  ID documents
The ID checker should read GBG's document -
The Customer - How to Verify and Application (link downloads a pdf)

4.  Who can verify ID (ID Checker)
People whose names have been registered by our Child Protection Officer, the BAB CPO and GBG act on behalf of the BAB and will not process any forms which are signed by non registered people.

People in the Lancashire Aikikai who have been registered to assist our CPO with the ID verification and form filling process are named in the table the BAB provides. Approved Club Welfare Officers may undertake verification with approval from the Aikikai CPO who will apply to the BAB. Such helpers need to follow the DBS, GBG and BAB processes and procedures.

5.  Completing the Form and Verify the documents produced
Set up a time to do this with the ID checker. Please take with you to this meeting the Aikikai's Form P-1 completed which is needed as well if this is the first time applying.

6.  What happens next
The Form is sent by the ID Checker to GB Group with a cheque payable to them "GB Group" to process £20 or cheaper if handled online. IT MUST NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU. (The Aikikai reimburses DBS costs occured by clubs for their Coaches and Club Welfare Officers applications)

7.   The ID checker tells our Child Protection Officer the serial number on the form sent off.

8.  Our Form P-1 is also needed by the Association's Child Protection Officer and should be sent. This can be later within the process for Coaches. Needed only for first time applications.

9.  What you do when The Disclosure report is received back :

  • Now complete the Permission Form P-2. You need the Permission of the Principal of the Association so you can teach and for the Club Leader to sign your application in support. See the Permissions page for steps to follow.

  • To hold a Coaching post in the Lancashire Aikikai and its clubs - this Permission process is mandatory and is in effective part of our recruitment procedure which is required by law. Other posts where there is regular contact without supervision with children would require permission also. You should not be teaching without supervision if you do not have permission to do so.

  • Apply within 14 days of the certificate date for the DBS Updating Service.
    Switch to certificate - to use your certificate number - looks like a link near bottom of the online form. You may be able to do this on future versions of the application form when applying to avoid having to do this step at this stage. BAB recommends the Updating Service. The BAB have pages which covers DBS and also the Update service as well - see their drop down menu.
  • If the Disclosure is NOT CLEAR you will need to send the original Disclosure Certificate to the British Aikido Board. This is so that the BAB Case Management Group can risk assess the content. It's a standard procedure and applies across the board - no matter what the nature of the content.